Want to promote your website or webcomic here? Advertise through the leaderboard ad!

Cat Nine Leaderboard

  • Highly visible. It’s present throughout the whole site, and it’s just below the navigation menu and at the top of the comic and blogs.
  • Size is 728×90.
  • Price is $0.25 per 1,000 impressions.

Why advertise on Cat Nine?

  • Primary audience is:
    • Comic, manga, and anime fans,readers, artists, and writers
    • Gamers
    • Pet and animal lovers
  • 14,000 Visits on average per month
  • 95,000 Pageviews on average per month
  • 5,400 Unique Visitors on average per month
  • You will support the artist!

Any other options for advertising?

Three Project Wonderful ads (skyscraper, rectangle, square) in the site. They’re cheaper, but they’re not that prominent compared to the super leaderboard. If enough people request it, I can make the rectangle and skyscraper AdSense ads available as well.

What kind of ads are allowed?

Basically anything, as long as the ads and links are safe for work.

Contact me / Sending files

Send inquiries and files at [email protected]. When submitting, please make sure it’s in the right size, and keep the file size to a minimum. I can optimize it myself if you want to. JPEG and PNG image files only, and GIF and SWF for animated ads. No sounds that play automatically please!


I only accept payments through Paypal at the moment. I’ll send an invoice through email.