Originally, I planned to add Livefyre Comments user badges (the ones in the blue boxes, like “moderator”) after finding out that other sites can do this (thanks Robert80!), but sadly, that feature was only available for enterprise/paid versions of Livefyre. Too bad, it could make for some fun badges/titles/achievements/reputations like this:

badge 2




When there’s a will, there’s a way

Buuuut, after tinkering with the code for a while, I finally figured out how to add badges in different way, although it’s not part of Livefyre Comments. I have to code them by hand though and I can only use images, but I can use any image as a badge, even animated GIFs.



Hoho, while I was writing this post, I somehow figured out how to add more badges… hurrah! Looks like the fun badges/titles/achievements/etc. can happen after all. However, since I have to code all of these by hand, I’ll likely reserve them only for Patrons, or interesting people in the comments. Here are some Title/Achievement Badges I’ve thought of for now, maybe you guys can add to it:

  • Old timer/True Fan/Liked Cat Nine before it was cool – Have been reading Cat Nine ever since it was first launched in Comic Genesis.
  • Top Commenter – For active and respected commenters (lots of comments and likes).
  • Likable/Interesting guy – Comments have received a lot of likes. Maybe someone who has received 50 or 100 likes, *shrugs*
badge 3

These badges are from Sandra and Woo’s Patreon page by the way.





Badge rank ideas

See the bronze, silver, and gold badges above? I was also thinking of creating separate badges for each pledge level.

My idea is that instead of using precious substances as a ranking, we’ll use animals instead, specifically large cats (Lions, Tigers, etc.). The problem is… how do I rank which animal is better (i.e. Are lions cooler/better than tigers, and how?), and which animal should I choose (I can only choose 4).

I’ve ranked them according to rarity/conservation status. The names in bold are what I’m planning to use for now:

  1. Cougar
  2. Jaguar
  3. Leopard – There are more leopards in the wild, but they’re apparently harder to find when you’re on safari.
  4. Lion – Bronze.
  5. Cheetah – Changed my mind. Snow leopard might be better for silver because of it’s fur.
  6. Snow Leopard – Could be the silver
  7. Tiger – Gold!
  8. Sabertooth/Smilodon – Platinum. Daaang these things were huge.

So… let’s maybe vote on it?