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On a whim, I tried used vector layers for the lineart this time. It has some convenience, and resizing/correcting is a breeze, but yeah, like BlueDavrial says, it kinda looks too clean. I can kind of agree, and while I use some Post Correction when drawing lineart, it’s a lot more obvious with vectors. It’s not bad though, and I say it’s a lot closer to my “style” when I was using Adobe Flash before this Episode.

Time for a little bit of worldbuilding even though I’m not sure if I’ll ever use it here in Cat Nine!

I figure that transforming is pretty complicated (and dangerous), but some are more complicated than others. Here are my reasons for them:

  • Generally, the farther the transformation is from their original form, the harder it is. Hybrids like wifwolves (I don’t care, I like the word) are a tad easier compared to Tammy turning into a complete wolf.
  • Age is the simplest since everyone was young at one point, and will get old eventually.
  • Minor body modification is changing simple stuff like hair, eye, or skin color. Also includes hair style, length, whatever. Mostly to do with physical appearances.
  • Sex is surprisingly more complicated since it involves something much deeper appearance, particularly chromosomes and genitals. I mean, even that fact is reflected in reality, and people can’t change their sex (for now) even if they take all the drugs, hormones, or operations they can. People have to first figure out how to rewrite our DNA completely without harming the person. Now, if only it took a splash of some hot or cold water to change sex that’d be great!
  • Major body modification is very broad, and probably covers a lot of transformations. Things like changing size and growing/removing one’s organs or appendages, especially if they can move or have senses. Maybe more combat-oriented stuff like harder skin or growing claws falls on this too.
  • Species shouldn’t be surprising why it’s difficult. And you also have to think about if for example, a human transforms to an animal that’s bigger/smaller than them (think Animorphs). Where is that mass coming/going? At least I can use “magic” as the reason! And yes, this means Myan’s magical collar is pretty advanced!
  • Matter. Well, turning into fire or some other thing that shouldn’t be alive is hard as heck, or else they’ll end up like Midas’ victims. I also imagine that a huge part of the magic transformation is trying to keep them alive and moving.


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↓ Transcript
Cruz: What, you're gonna change me back into a kid?
Hibi-Hibi: If you'll allow me!

Hibi-Hibi: Changing one's age is the simplest of physical transformations, so I can do it quickly.
In order of difficulty:
1. Age
2. Minor body modification
3. Sex
4. Major body modification
5. Species
6. Matter

Cruz: Alright. Better me than using actual kids as a lure.
Myan: You have to call me Ate¹ Myan! (¹big sis)

Hibi-Hibi: Right. Like with Myan's collar though, I'll need something to enchant and turn it into an agimat². (²amulet/talisman)

Hibi-Hibi: Now... give me your belt!
Cruz: {gasp} H-Hibi?!

Tammy: Take.it.off! Take.it.off!! (awoo awoo)
Keith: Can't you just... magic him directly?