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Darn, I forgot how I did the textures or brushes in page 156’s background. Oh well!

Thanks to BlueDavrial for trying out different words in the transliterator I’m using. Now I changed the symbols in the first panel from “sero” (zero, duh) to “bago”, which can mean “new” or “before” in Filipino. It didn’t even occur to me after all this time that Filipino doesn’t really have an original word for zero until this page!


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↓ Transcript
Haliya: Not even my followers know this, but the Bakunawa is actually my cousin, and the zeroth moon goddess representing the New Moon.

Haliya: I want to get her back to her long-neglected duties as a moon and underworld goddess. And while I'm still committed to stopping her for good, I'm reluctant to kill family, if possible.
Hibi: Oh dear...

Haliya: So if you can help me come up with a plan before my followers find her...
Cruz: Oof, I don't know if we can help...
Tammy: We can try at least!
Keith: Uh, is something important going on?
(Still can't see/hear Haliya)
(Myan is bored)