HD Version (WIP)

Trying out other ways to depict nighttime/darkness. Of course, I can’t make it too dark like in real life or else it’ll all be just black.

I’ve tried to make this enchanted forest as enchanted as possible, but honestly my mind’s blank. Hope it’s magical enough for now!

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↓ Transcript
Cruz: We should've brought flashlights or something...
Keith: Yeah, I'm not too keen on an evening walk in the woods.
Hibi-Hibi: Us girls can see just fine, don't worry we'll guide you.

Tammy: Wow, I can see clearly as if it's afternoon. A small blessing with this curse I guess... *sniiff* hmm?

Tammy: The air is fresher here.
Cruz: And it's not that dark ahead.
Myan: ...
Keith: Do we still need to...
Hibi-Hibi: Yes, keep holding hands until we're past our shortcut-

Hibi-Hibi: -the Waywoods