HD Version (WIP)

1st panel roughly shows their heights. Forgive me though for forgetting them myself, especially with Myan in some of the previous pages. Though I might break that “rule”/modify their heights as needed if it makes panel composition easier since differing heights complicates things.

And ughh, sorry if the shadows here are kinda meh (hopefully it’s just me). Most of my focus for the page was spent on drawing the 1st panel (multiple people holding hands are…whew!), and the dialogue for the rest of the page. Just wanted to finish the page no matter what since I still want to finish four more pages before September is over. And I suppose rendering the campfire’s light+shadows is getting a bit little tiring, so I guess it’s time to figure out a simpler way to shade stuff. But hmm, they’re heading into the darkness of the forest so I might not need to learn that for now.

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↓ Transcript
Tammy: ...what?
Cruz: You got ruff paws.
Myan: Mwine awe vewy soft and suppwe! (Mine are very soft and supple!)
Hibi-Hibi: E-everyone holding hands? We're going on a little walk!

Keith: Pardon, a walk? I thought we need a boat?
Hibi-Hibi: Not with this shortcut. I'll explain on the way.

Hibi-Hibi: Just follow me, and you may want to hold on tight if you don't want to get lost in there for decades!
Keith: Wait, what was that last part?