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Whoo, finally made four pages in a month! Now, the real challenge is to keep it up and make more… If things go well, I might be able to make 1 or 2 more pages before the month ends.

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↓ Transcript
Keith: I still can't see the moon.
Tammy: Cause it's right over there.

Hibi-Hibi: How about... Cruz? Can you tell us some facts about the moon?
Cruz: Easy! The moon is big! The moon is round!! The moon is a lie!!!

Cruz: wait.
Hibi-Hibi: {sigh} I suppose a mere photo isn't powerful enough...

Hibi-Hibi: ...to break the curse of an accursed giant ancient winged moon-eating sea dragon goddess of the underworld. Oop, that was a mouthful!
Cruz: That's what we're dealing with here?!

Keith: It was worth a shot. And well, at least we got something out of it.