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Aren’t female werewolves supposed to be called wifwolves? “wer” means “man” while “wif” means “woman” in Old English, thus werewolf is man-wolf. Saying “wifwolf” does sound silly though, or maybe it’s because I’m not just used to it.

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↓ Transcript
[Hibi explains what happened so far...]
Tammy: Why am I the only one who was turned into a fur- A WEREWOLF?! Why not a mermaid instead?

Keith: Oh I dunno, it's not too bad!
Cruz: Who's a goooood girl?
Tammy: GRR!!

Hibi-Hibi: I know someone who can help... probably! But we should check your camera first. Here, take it.

Hibi-Hibi: Seeing the photos of the moon might break the two boys' curses.

Tammy: Okay. Let's see...