HD Version (Flats|Lineart|Sketch)

Trying out a smaller/thinner brush size – from 30 down to 10. Not looking too bad if I do say so myself! It looks more graceful and anime-like, since those typically have thinner lines. I like thicker lines since it has more “personality”, if that makes sense to you guys, but I’m aware that I haven’t really drawn things with thinner lineart because I got used to Flash so I wanted to try thinner lines.

And still trying to figure out how to draw muzzles, wolf heads, and furries/werewolves in general, so excuse me if Tammy looks like crap for a bit (sorry Tammy!).

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↓ Transcript
Tammy: W-what in the-

Hibi-Hibi: Oh dear.

Keith: So we really are cursed, but Tammy turned into a werewolf.
Cruz: Furry.

Tammy: Shutuuuuup..!!