Sorry I didn’t update last week, it was my birthday. Yipee… 23 years. Thanks to everyone who greeted me! And a Happy Halloween as well! Also, look forward to a bonus comic involving Doodling Around (the site might still be down, if that’s the case go here instead), a special Halloween banner, and maybe some more extra comics over the weekend.

Love how panel 3 turned out, although it’s a little frustrating that compared to Hibi’s tree, drawing people at this extreme angle is still very hard for me to do. Oh well!

↓ Transcript
Keith: A cat's pretty nice, even if I prefer dogs...

Keith: And... I guess I'm just one of those people who name their pets after what they say. Well, whatever.

Keith: At least no one heard me going "Miyan! Miyan!" earlier.

Keith: Alright, let's get you a collar!
Myan: ~mew