Whew, this is a big one! Panels 1 to 7 were already done since Tuesday, but heh, I was slacking off for the rest of the week (archive binging The World God Only Knows and Angel Densetsu, and finished them!) so I didn’t get to finish it on time. Even then, this is worth about 3 comics and but I finished it anyway; hopefully this means I can make 3 a week in the future! I kinda cheated by drawing Keith in super-deformed styled though, but oh well.

Barring my poor Photoshop skills for panel 6, I quite like how I drew Keith in some of the panels here as well as the backgrounds, particularly for Keith’s room. The last panel’s looking especially nice, don’t ya think?

Oh yeah, some highlights this week, and I just want to thank everyone for the support!

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↓ Transcript
Keith: Name... name... naym... "Myan"?

Keith: Nahhhhh!

Keith: Maybe there's something on TV? Inspiration is everywhere after all.

TV: Now, Miss May-Anne with a beautiful halter top blouse!
Keith: Hah, they didn't notice it at all.

Keith: Something outside might inspire me... Oh!

Clouds that look like "Myan"
Keith: The sky looks beautiful today.

Keith: How about my pockets?

Keith: Huh, I should get some cat food too. And maybe get more ideas outside.

Pep Squad: Give me an M! Give me a Y! Give me an A..? G-give me an N? Wait, wait! It's supposed to be myna!
Keith: Hmm...

Poster A: Labor Day Sale "May One" up to 25% off on selected items
Poster B: Visit "Myan"mar Bagan
Keith: Hrmm......

Keith: ...Names are hard.
Myan: Meow?