Whew, delay, I really was lazying again this week hah. At least I got to finish the comic in one day, although technically it took me from Saturday night to Sunday morning to finish.

Nuhh, that first panel with Keith kneeling down took forever to draw. I’m pretty sure it’s not perfect yet, then again, 90% or so should be good enough not to lose my sanity over.

Some things I’m planning to do this month, hopefully I can get most of them done:

  • Draw something for that webcomic Halloween event. If you have a webcomic, why not join as well?
  • I may or may not change the banner for Halloween.
  • Make 3 comics a week, so I have a buffer of 1 month worth of comics (12 pages) in preparation for the thrice a week update. The buffer’s also going to be used if my Patreon page is finished; patrons pledging a certain amount can view them in advance. If you have any suggestions for some of the rewards, just tell me!
↓ Transcript
Keith: Hmm...

Keith: When I look at you...
Myan: meow
Keith: Suddenly, the perfect name comes to mind!

Keith: Yes! Your name will be...

Keith: "CAT" Because I give up.