I really like Hibi’s new dress here, especially since I’ve never liked the green from her old dress.

Haha, sorry if Keith looks kinda ugly here, I needed the practice! I got it mostly right I think, though it’s on the more realistic side. Hmm, everyone won’t look photogenic at all from that low angle… no wonder a lot of selfie pics are taken from high angles, yeah?

↓ Transcript
Hibi-Hibi: Perhaps I can help.
Keith: Oh, hey there Hibi-Hibi. You will?

Hibi-Hibi: Yes, this is a common problem for animals turning into human beings. I shall help by teaching her to be a lady.

Hibi-Hibi: This way, she'll learn how to act like a human and how to be cultured...y-yeah.
Myan: What...?