Why yes, this is indeed Myan wearing a pair of boots, diving suit, raincoat, swimming goggles, snorkel, and holding an umbrella. Inside she’s probably wearing more, like a scuba suit or something, not that would do anything.

Oh, and looks like I can cross umbrellas off from my “everyday things that are a b***h to draw” list, which includes hands by the way.

Alrighty, this is gonna be the last large/double comic, at least for a while. I really like working with the larger space, though it’s at the expense of requiring more work per comic. I’m also glad that I found TinyPNG to compress these images and make them smaller, or else these large comics can reach around 1MB or more.

Y’all can blame TheBlueMario in the chat for this page’s title.

↓ Transcript
Myan: Now you can... pant ...spray me all you want!

Keith: Nah, that's punishment enough. Say, isn't it kinda hot in there? Can you even breathe?

Myan: I'm... I'm... pant pant ...fine!

Myan: pant pant GASP GASP

Myan: O-kay... it's a little hot.