Sorry if it’s not obvious, Myan’s drinking milk. Trying to at least. I dunno, whenever Hibi-Hibi’s appears, the comic’s prone to flashbacks. Maybe she came from Lost or something.

Drawing people is hard enough. Drawing multiple people in the same panel is harder. Drawing them on a table on a specific angle complete with background and props…. damn. Welp I’m still glad I did it and I’m somewhat satisfied with this, compared to my earlier attempts. Also trying out that leafy shadow effect, but I need more practice with it. And yes OWL MYAN. MYOWL. HOO HOO. I don’t really know how to draw owls but it was fun looking at pictures of them.

On other news, I have a job now. Don’t know how it will affect the updates, but it’s gonna be tougher to work on them during the weekdays. My current job involves sitting in front of the computer most of the day too… at least I get moneys, yey. If you want to be updated exactly when the comic updates, try subscribing to the RSS, or maybe following me on Twitter or Facebook, if that’s your thing.

↓ Transcript
[[Myan "drinking" milk by licking the straw]]

[[Myan noticing something]]

Keith: Uh, so-
-how did you get here?
Tammy:This better be worth the trouble earlier.
Cruz: Mmf!

Myan: Well...

Hibi-Hibi: I don't like this, but...

Hibi-Hibi: ...this is the fastest way to get anywhere!