It’s awesome that I learned a lot about drawing birds, but I’m getting tired of drawing feathers. Still, it’s the only way to get better at drawing them…
Heh Myan. Seriously though, can you blame her?

Other birds she possibly transformed into:

  • platypus (Myan: It’s got a beak right?)
  • penguin
  • ostrich
  • dodo

Oh yeah, Cat Nine also got featured in Drunk Duck, yipee!

↓ Transcript
Myan: That's weird. When I'm a human, it's like, natural.
Hibi-Hibi: Sorry about that! I only put the knowledge of how to be a human in your collar.

Myan: And then something about different animals and instincts. Anyway, we decided to practice.

Hibi-Hibi: That's not gonna work Myan...

Myan: wheeee
Hibi-Hibi: That's great Myan! (finally..!)

Hibi-Hibi: She forgot, did she?
Myan: whooooo