The longest comic and the most insane (and fun) I’ve ever made. Enjoy! Oh, and Happy New Year!

↓ Transcript
Lazylonewolf: Happy 2014 everyone. Thanks for all the hard work, but looking at last year's results, I am not happy.

Lazylonewolf: Performance was really poor last year, and whose fault is that?

Tammy: Hey! You're the one who dra-
Lazylonewolf: Shush.

Lazylonewolf: Therefore, to push production up, I will reduce the overall quality...

Lazylonewolf: ...liek this. Noone will notice teh difference! And to add more revenue, I'll also apply the following changes to the website

Lazylonewolf: We has some good news though, we're at the top 300!.
Lazylonewolf: With some minor changes, we can make it to the top.

Lazylonewolf: I noticed these guys names start with "Kei", so I'm turning Cat Nine into a harem/ecchi something.

Lazylonewolf: Myan, Tammy, you're in love with Keith now. You love him like heck.

Keith: Uhh.... but she's my cat.
Myan: And he's my dad!
Lazylonewolf: I don't care.

Lazylonewolf: We should also add some anime references-desu here and there. Let's start with some character changes-dattebayo.

Lazylonewolf: Keith-kun.
Keith: Ergh.
Lazylonewolf: Act clueless and be blind to a woman's advances.

Keith: Huh?
Lazylonewolf: Theeere we go. Nyoro~n!

Lazylonewolf: Myan, I'd tell you to say "nya" from now on, but we need something unique.

Lazylonewolf: Take for example Scrappy-Doo. Everyone loves Scrappy, right?

Lazylonewolf: Ah I know, say "Nya nya nya nyananya. Mew mew power" whenever you transform.

Lazylonewolf: Tammy.
Tammy: Um.
Lazylonewolf: You're fine just the way you are.
Tammy: Aww~

Lazylonewolf: Except you need skimpier outfits and bigger boobs. Here I'll-
Tammy: Hey! Ahh! STOP IT!

Lazylonewolf: Okay, maybe later. When you're asleep.

Lazylonewolf: And Cruz.
Cruz: Uh oh.
Lazylonewolf: I didn't forget about you. I'll be frank, I don't like you. You're fired.

Lazylonewolf: You'll get over it.

Lazylonewolf: Alright everyone, let's look forward to a much better Cat Ni-

Lazylonewolf: Uh.. guys? Ah geez, what do I do...?

Lazylonewolf: Guys, hey-