Oh noes Myan.
Birthday coming up this October 25th, so excuse me if I didn’t update next week. I’ll be 21, holy crap!

Notes (10/23/2014)
Writing this when I’ll be turning 23 in two days. Hurray me, hurray cake! Okay, to be honest I don’t really get that excited about birthdays anymore… Oh, some people were confused about where they are, this might help. We had some weird angular walls there too since it’s supposed to be “artsy” and stuff.

↓ Transcript
[[Myan being loud on top of Keith's head]]
Myan: Meowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeow

[[Myan explores someone's bag]]

[[Myan stealing the professor's whiteboard marker]]

[[Keith and Myan outside the classroom, with both Keith and the professor looking annoyed. Myan looks happy.]]