Reference to this page. She really has to watch where she’s going. This time the windows are shutter type, if it’s not obvious.

↓ Transcript
[[Hibi-hibi sitting midair]]
Hibi: Since we're done her, I'll be going home now.

[[Hibi-hibi looking malicious and whispering]]
Hibi: Which will be bird free tomorrow.

[[Hibi-hibi flies away]]
Hibi: Tata everyone!

[[Hibi-hibi slams into the window]]

[[Keith opens the window's shutters, looking amused. Hibi-hibi looks dazed.]]
Keith: Here
Hibi: Thank you.

Keith: So, I have a cat with a magical collar. Now what?

[[Keith surprised by Myan who's looking very hungry]]
Myan: Foooood