Ooh! So her name is Myan! No one knows she’ll be named that, right?

Still not used to the schedule… whew. I might reduce update schedule to 2 strips a week if needed. Probably not though.

Notes (10/19/2014)
Probably not became definitely. Dang.

↓ Transcript

[[The Brown Kitten proudly models her new collar, with a bright golden heart-shaped tag.]]
The Young Man: Love your collar, eh Myan?

Myan (The Brown Kitten): Meow!
The Young Man (waving a blue plush bunny): I know, right? It looks great on you!

[[The Young Man has donned his backpack and is heading towards the door.]]
The Young Man: 'Kay, I have to go now, try not to eat all your food at once alright?

[[The Young Man walks away down the street. Myan can be seen watching him from the window above.]]