Sorry for the delay, had an on/off fever since the first week of April. After that a friend came over, so yeah. I might try making two pages this week if I can.

I guess that’s Hibi’s favorite idiom, heh indeed. Oh and beware birds and mice everywhere!

Notes (10/22/2014)
Did she just give Myan a quest, with a down payment to boot? Best NPC ever!

↓ Transcript
[[Hibi-hibi floating nearby Cruz]]
Hibi-hibi: Anyway, with this, I get to do something good too.
Cruz: Like killing two birds with one stone?

[[Hibi-hibi looking a little psychotic.]]
Hibi-hibi: Heh.

[[Hibi-hibi pointing at Myan dramatically]]
Hibi-hibi: So Myan, will you become my avenger?

[[Myan on top of Keith's head and Keith reacting to her claws]]
Keith: Stop.Scalping.Me.