I give Myan’s smooth landing a 9/10. 😀
I’m gonna get myself killed if I keep doing indoor backgrounds + perspective. Ergh. Maybe I shouldn’t have made the floor made out of wooden planks…

Cruz looks a little wonky and Hibi’s perspective relating to the background is, well, I feel something’s wrong. Still acceptable though.
I’ve already thought of the next vote pic, not sure it’s funny to you guys though so you’ll be the judge of that.

Notes (10/22/2014)
In hindsight, I don’t like the dialogue here that much. Here’s an alternate version though I’m not sure if it’s beetter:

  • Keith: Yep…
  • Keith: I definitely hit my head or died somewhere on the way.
  • Tammy: I’ll pinch you really hard if it helps.
  • Cruz: Ohhhhh, this dream again.
↓ Transcript
[[Myan landing on the floor and the Tiny Girl landing offscreen]]

[[Close up of the Tiny Girl knocked out on the floor and Keith's shoe]]
Keith: O-kay...this is getting a little too weird for me-

[[Long shot of all of them, Keith scratching his head and looking at the girl, Tammy looking at Keith, Cruz on the floor and Myan looking proud of herself]]
Keith: -tell me I'm dreaming.
Tammy: Why wake up then?
Cruz: Thumbelina? Hmm, definitely dreaming .
Myan: Hmph!