Anyone remember this? Kept it simpler than the older one, as I do NOT want to go through animating all those frigging stripes if I ever decide to do something like that again. Haven’t actually designer her tiger form properly yet though, so it’ll probably be refined later on.

Notes (10/22/2014)
Boo to you, past self! Those stripes were awesome! And I dunno why I was feeling lazy back then since this time, I didn’t have to animate it! Booooo, hissss!

↓ Transcript
[[Hibi-hibi and Myan standing on the bed]]
Hibi-hibi: Let's talk about your collar.

[[Hibi-hibi crossing her arms]]
Hibi-hibi: Picture in your mind what you want to be, then you WILL be.
You have to really want it though.
For now, let's start with...

[[Myan transforms into a tiger]]
Hibi-hibi...Paying attention first.
Myan: Grr.

[[Cut to Tammy and Keith, with Keith putting on a hard hat]]
Tammy: What's with the hard hat?
Keith: Just in case.