I think I should have included Hibi-Hibi covering her eyes, then I just figured that she didn’t use flash…
Sorry about the delay I know I should have finished it by Monday but I was distracted by a little something called TUBERCULOSIS ON MY FREAKIN THROAT.

Notes (10/22/2014)
Removed some stuff in this rant since it’s too personal (and too long). Oh, and for anyone worrying, I’m quite fine now although I was worried it was something more serious. I just had to drink some pills that turned my pee red-orange, and then poof, by TB! Okay, now talking about the comic: I should’ve drawn the display screen of the camera.

↓ Transcript
Keith: So, I'm guessing you're the reason behind all of this.
Tiny Girl: Yes.

Tiny Girl: I am Hibi-hibi. I'm a diwata and-

Hibi-hibi: Hey! No pictures!
Tammy: Aww but why?

Tammy: Oh.