Vote pic here! I want one too because of reasons.

Notes (10/21/2014)
I dunno, if your pet suddenly has a magic collar like that, what would you do?

↓ Transcript
[[Cruz recovering from his freaking out or something]]
Cruz: D-did I black out.. hey!
Myan: Mrmreow!

[[Keith examines the collar]]
Tammy: Where'd you get that cause I want one!
Keith: I just bought this at the pet store...
Cruz: Okay, now play dead!

[[Keith puts the collar back on Myan]]
Keith: Well, it seems harmless enough, so there.
Myan: Thank you!
Cruz: Woah, you taught her that too?

[[Myan noticing something because her sense of smell returned]]
Myan: ..hmm!