Remember, Hibi is to a bird as Human is to a horse, maybe a cow. Cleaning doggie crap is disgusting enough. Which is one more reason I like cats better now.

So I don’t know how to draw trees properly yet. I should probably go outside and draw some, but It’s kinda hard to practice since it’s almost always hot outside over where I’m from.

Changed Hibi’s skin color too, trying to work on better backgrounds, and good thing I found a font I like better and some great comic grammar tips. If anyone has a hard time reading it, just say so.

Notes (10/22/2014)
Changed the dialogue a bit. Also I’m glad I started optimizing these past pages because I forgot about that “ehem” mark.

↓ Transcript
Hibi-hibi: So I wanted a favor from Myan so I granted her wish.
Myan: Favor? My wish?

Hibi-hibi: You wanted to be useful to him, right?
See, I don't like birds.

Hibi-hibi: They're noisy, messy and they keep building nests in my tree!
It doesn't sound too bad...except I have to dodge droppings on a daily basis.

Hibi-hibi: Oh, and they may be tiny to you, but these droppings are bigger than my head.