Was gonna use “You’re going to Hogwarts” or, “Taking a trip to Mordor”, but decided against it.

Notes (10/22/2014)
I’ve read the first 2 books of Narnia at most.

↓ Transcript
[[Keith looking unimpressed and Tammy with a mischievous look]]
Keith: You uh, wake Cruz up and I'll... you're gonna mess with him first aren't you?
Tammy: Mebe

[[Tammy's hands are on her hips, standing over Cruz]]
Tammy: Heyyyy~
Cruz: Oh hello person I may or may not have met before.

[[Tammy crouches beside him, her hand on his shoulder]]
Tammy: I'm just here to tell you that Narnia needs you.
Cruz: Who's Narnia?

[[She gets a little pissed off]]
Tammy: Don't make me hit you.