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I’m trying out ComicPress on my other(secret) website. Could be useful when I get my own domain name someday, too bad is taken though. Looks good so far, but I still like how the site looks on ComicGenesis. Might have to look for other content management systems and learn some php or something.

Stopped using the Flex nib for my Wacom Pen cause it’s very worn out and I only have one. I’ll miss it cause gives the pen more friction than usual. Thought that my drawings are gonna look a little different because of that but I find it a bit easier to draw now since I forgot that I’ve been practicing with the normal nibs since my old tablet, and I think I can draw faster now too.

Used a reference picture, but second panel’s still hard to draw. Haven’t had much practice with two or more people touching/interacting yet, but still very happy with the result. Also had some difficulty with Tammy’s pose on the second to the last panel. Whenever there’s a difficult or unfamiliar pose, I try to draw it on my sketch pad first. Usually it’s much better than what I can do on the computer itself. So I tried tracing my drawing, and it looks pretty good.

↓ Transcript
[[Hibi floating beside Keith]]
Keith: While she's like that, why don't you fix them Hibi?
Hibi: I'd love to, but casting that spell took a lot out of me.

[[Tammy and Myan hugging each other and giving Keith the puppy dog eyes]]
Tammy: She's fine the way she is!
Keith: But--

[[Tammy explains a bit about people]]
Tammy: People aren't gonna care if she has them because magic isn't real.
Hibi: <<ehem>>
Tammy: You know what I mean, they'll be in denial, and they'll try to rationalize it.

[[Tammy posing like a mermaid, and Keith getting all worked up]]
Tammy: I should know, I'm a mermaid!
Keith: No you're not!

[[Keith sees her point]]
Keith: O-kay you got me there.