Vote pic!
I guess that’s Keith’s revenge for Myan scalping him two times already. Too bad he broke his cat.

Notes (10/22/2014)
Removed some of the rant since it’s too long and doesn’t really apply here anymore. Oh, and I suggest viewing the vote comic above!

↓ Transcript
[[Tammy leaning towards Myan, who's looking a little miffed.]]
Tammy: Awkwarrd!

[[Close up of Keith looking sideways towards Cruz.]]
Keith: He's not freaking out this time...

[[Cruz noticed Keith looking at him, so Keith quickly looked away.]]
Cruz: Hm?
Keith: -uh

[[Keith trying to think up of an excuse.]]
Keith: At least...I don't have to worry about her clothes?
Cruz: What about her cat parts?
Keith: We could snip em' off.

[[Myan looking shocked]]
Keith: I'm just kidding Myan. Myan?