Panel three took forever to draw as I lack the practice with bird’s eye view, plus that pose is tricky. Foreshortening is hard work, whew. At least I know what to practice this week. In any case, I like how it turned out. Panel three’s background looked really interesting without her there.

Err, I hope that I’m not the only one who can infer that she flew away while she’s invisible. It’s kinda implied, maybe?

Notes (10/22/2014)
Keith saying “Wait, don’t turn invisible!” should be enough even without the title.

↓ Transcript
[[Tiny Girl lying on the bed, and waking up]]

[[Keith standing over her with Myan atop his head]]
Keith: Oh you're awake.

[[Tiny Girl was surprised and started turning invisible again]]
Tiny Girl: Eep!
Keith: Wait!

[[Keith shouts after Tiny Girl, who presumably floated away, Myan looks like she knows where she is]]
Keith: We just want to talk to you!