Added a widget below the chat that shows the rewards/modifiers bought for the next page.

Reward changes:

  • Changed names of some of the rewards. Now they’re like spells:
    • “Reroll” is now “Change Fate”
    • “Reroll on Fail” is now “Second Chance”
    • “Reroll on Success” is now “Jinx”
  • Slightly buffed Minuses – Minus 2 is the minimum, Minus 4 is the maximum. Changed it because Myan just has too amazing luck/skill (needing at least a 7 to succeed, even if it’s a poor success)
  • Added “Clairvoyance” to rewards – Allows everyone to see the next roll in advance.
  • Added icons to rewards

I have additional ideas for rewards: like making the next page colored, additional dice, or making critical fails more likely every page until a critical fail happens, but I kinda don’t want to implement it since it might be too much work… what do you guys think?