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Sep 17myan luvs sosages
Sep 12Hibi-Hibi Awkward Seduction
Sep 5Molly Evans
Aug 29Hothead Chibi
Aug 27femCruz Afterglow
Aug 23Cyber Myan
Aug 15Problem Solved!
Jul 25Status Update
Jul 14Uzaki
Jul 14Were’d Night (NSFW)
Jul 5Satania
Jun 301 Keith VS. 3 Girls (NSFW)
Jun 12Whywolf
Jun 11Art Stream 11 + Sketches
Jun 10Announcements – June 10, 2020
Jun 4Super Shortstack Myan!
May 29femCruz
May 18Congratulations, you ranked yourself
May 18Patreon changes: Charge up front, revamped art suggestions, and… NSFW?!
May 15Collar specs 1/3: Primary transformation powers (blog version)
May 11Tammy Strips: Take Two!
Apr 14New galleries and some changes
Apr 12Keith and Myan Dancing
Mar 20Collar specs 1/3: Primary transformation powers
Feb 28Restarted A Lazy Blog
Feb 19Horizontal Scrolling applied
Feb 18ggwp
Feb 18Valentine’s 2020
Feb 15Mobile comic format tests
Feb 12Some mobile-friendly changes
Feb 12Mega Myan VS. Bakunawa
Feb 3New Discord Emojis, and ads from Comicad
Jan 13Christmas 2019
Jan 7Hibi, Haliya, and Bakunawa Sprite Sheet