August 2018 Patrons and ko-fi Enablers

HD Version ($1+ patrons)

Abs and you shall receive! (thanks Blue for that blurb)

A little something fanservicey as thanks for all the new patrons, aaaand might as well practice drawing abs and cel-shading.


NomAd – Pledge at least $7


RAWR! – Pledge at least $5

  • Red Marine
  • Hothead
  • TGIF
  • MCWildcat
  • Steffen
  • Knut Breitschuh
  • TyGuy 
  • New! Staik
ko-fi Enablers

ko-fi EnablersDonated through ko-fi

  • None this month
Starter Pack

Starter Pack – Pledge at least $1

  • Alex Neumann
  • AMoldyDoughnut
  • Figerl Jörg a.k.a. Zervikalsyndrom
  • Frank Garcia
Reader's Choice

Reader’s Choice – Pledge at least $3

  • Sunblaze
  • New! Raijin Fox
  • New! Jake Pizorno
  • Upgrade! tagno25
  • New! SeventhSkull
  • New! Techokami
  • New! Fifthwing
  • Upgrade! risky

I post these around the 6th every month (after Patreon sends me the funds). If you were declined, your name might not show up here, but I’ll add it back after you’ve paid of course. If you’ve donated through ko-fi, only the ones who’ve donated for the previous month will show up. If I missed anyone or want to add a link to your website, please let me know!

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